Physics Teacher For Cbse Neet IIT Sat IB


DELHI   28 September 2018

Experience: 20

Physics Teacher For Cbse Neet IIT Sat IB

Kumar sir is known for his command of physics for NEET Medical, IIT Engineering & All Board Exams like CBSE, ICSE, Up Board, IB SAT PHYSICS, AP PHYSICS. One can hardly fail to notice his in-depth logical approach during physics classes. He has been teaching Physics to students medical entrance examinations and XI-XII- IIT (mains & advanced) other regional engineering entrance for the last twenty years. He has worked in many reputed coaching institutes such as Allen in Kota, Aakash Institute, FIIT JEE in New Delhi & many more. His methodology of teaching is different for brilliant students and mediocre ones. He strictly advises parents to send their wards to specialised teachers. He aims to make average quality students a perfect student in physics subject His Motto is “Believe in quality. Don’t be part of a crowd.” What a student can get at Kumar Physics Classes : 1. Comprehensive COURSE MATERIAL. 2. NOTES in the classroom. 3. REGULAR TESTS in conventional and unconventional ways. 4. REMOVAL OF DOUBTS (utmost priority). Contact-9958461445

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